Pea and Ham Soup

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Prep time20 minutes + soak peas overnight
Cooking time2 hours


1 ham hock (about 1.6kg) or 1kg of lean ham
500 g green split peas
2 brown onions
3 carrots medium
4 potatoes medium
1 tsp mixed herbs
black pepper
3 L water



  1. wash peas and soak in cold water overnight
  2. next day drain the peas and place in the pot
  3. dice carrot, onion and potato and add to peas
  4. trim excess fat and skin off ham and add as one piece to pot
  5. add water and bring to boil
  6. reduce to simmer, add herbs and parially cover
  7. simmer about 2 hours until all the vegetables are very soft
  8. skim excess fat off the top every 15 minutes or so and stir to ensure even cooking
  9. remove the ham from the soup and puree the vegetables with a stick mixer
  10. slice up the ham and return to the soup
  11. serve with crunchy bread and more pepper and herbs


will keep for several days in the fridge, soup also freezes well in single serve size containers

I prefer to use lean ham as there is less gross fat to scrape off the top and it is much easier to cut up, although has slightly less flavour than the hock


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