Chicken Chowder

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4 chicken drumsticks
2 potatoes
2 medium carrots
1 red capsicum
2 celery stalks
1 brown onion
corn flour (to thicken as required)
fresh parley to serve
salt and pepper to serve
garlic bread to serve



  1. boil drumsticks until cooked - do not discard water - it forms the base of the stock
  2. shred meat off drumsticks and set aside
  3. peel and dice potato and add to chicken water and boil until just soft
  4. crush potato (don't mash)
  5. peel and dice carrots and add to pot
  6. dice capsicum, celery and onion and add to pot
  7. when all veggies cooked test thickness and add corn flour dissolved in water to thicken if necessary
  8. return chicken to the pot
  9. add milk 1 part milk to 3 parts stock
  10. while soup is simmering dice bacon and fry until crispy
  11. serve hot with garlic bread and fresh chopped parsley and bacon sprinkled on top, add salt and pepper to taste


will keep in fridge for several days and continue to thicken over time


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