Zucchini Fritters

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Tagsentree snack zucchini
Cooking time20 minutes


3 zucchini
1 carrot
3 spring onions
2 eggs
100 g tasty cheese
parsley (fresh)
mint (fresh)
20 mL lemon juice
100 g plain flour
black pepper
greek yoghurt
canola oil for cooking



  1. in a large bowl grate zucchini, carrot and cheese
  2. finely chop spring onions and add to zucchini
  3. finely chop a handful of mint and parsley and add to bowl
  4. beat eggs seperately and add to bowl with lemon juice and stir well
  5. add just enough flour to stop it looking eggy
  6. seasonn with salt and pepper
  7. cook spoonfuls in canola oil on high heat, flip when golden brown and crunchy
  8. serve immediately with greek yoghurt with a handful of chopped mint stirred through


keep them warm in an oven at about 140C until ready to serve


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