Buckwheat Ravioli

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400 g buckwheat flour
200 g plain flour
7 eggs
fresh basil
feta cheese
1 chicken breast
1 tsp minced garlic
parmesan cheese to serve
olive oil to serve



  1. put the flour in the wizz
  2. turn on wizz and add eggs one at a time until forms a dough
  3. remove from food processer, wrap in gladwrap and refridgerate 30 minutes to 1 hour
  4. pre-cook chicken, add to food processor with basil, fetta and minced garlic to make filling
  5. roll out the pasta in the pasta machine with lots of flour
  6. layout flat pasta sheets, put small heaps along length of pasta
  7. cover with another sheet and press down, cut out each ravioli and set aside covered in lots of flour
  8. cook in rapidly boiling water for approximately 7 minutes or until floating
  9. serve with olive oil and parmesan cheese


alternatively leave out the chicken and add spinach to the filling instead

it is best cooked fresh but will keep for a day in the fridge, alternatively allow to dry completely and freeze using baking paper to separate pieces then thaw and cook later


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