Fishy Noodles

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Prep time20
Cooking time20


1 x 425 g can of tuna in brine
2 cup pasta spirals precooked
40 g chunk of butter
3 tbsp plain flour
400 mL milk to make white sauce
3 shallots
2 celery sticks
lemon pepper
1/2 cup grated tasty cheese
30 mL lemon juice
30 g extra melted butter to top
1/2ish cup breadcrumbs to top
1/2ish cup extra cheese to top



  1. preheat oven to 200C (moderate oven)
  2. precook pasta
  3. saute shallots and celery
  4. melt butter in a large pan, add flour and cook until it honeycombs
  5. add milk slowly, stirring all the time, sprinkle in cheese
  6. add entire contentss of tuna can to sauce mixture, seperating tuna into flakes
  7. add cooked pasta, shallots and celery to sauce
  8. add lemon juice and lemon pepper and stir through
  9. put into shallow dish
  10. mix breadcrumbs with melted butter, grated cheese and more lemon pepper
  11. sprinkle crumb mixture on top of tuna sauce mix
  12. bake until brown and crisp on top approximately 20 minutes


Goes well with a tomato-based salad and bread rolls on the side

Fancy it up with 2 teaspoons of dill seeds in the tuna mix or a tablespoon of fresh dill finely chopped and stirred in at the end before baking


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