Tuna Mousse

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Credited toDon Rowland - Rowland family traditional recipe
Tagsentree fish mousse
Prep time20 minutes
Cooking timerefridgerate overnight
Serves6-8 as an entree


2x 425 g cans of tuna in brine (large cans)
1/2 onion
600 mL plain yoghurt
1/2 tbsp lemon juice
boiling water
2 tbsp gelatine
olive oil



  1. peel onion put in food processor, wizz
  2. drain tuna add to food procesor, wizz
  3. add yoghurt and lemon juice, wizz
  4. in a small bowl / cup add enough boiling water to gelatine to disolve it
  5. when disolved strain into wizz and wizz to make sure all ingredients combined
  6. grease mould with olive oil, cover and regfiderate overnight


good with seafood sauce and/or avocado as an entree

also good with crackers or sliced carrot/celery as a dip

spread on sandwiches


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