Nanna Mebs Shortbread

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250 g butter
250 g caster sugar
2 cup plain flour, and more to kneed



  1. preheat oven to 160C fan forced
  2. soften butter
  3. add butter to mix master on slow, add sugar and mix until combined
  4. gradually increase speed to about 1/2 maximum speed and beat until fluffy and turns almost white
  5. sift in flour a little at a time until it just starts to come together as a dough
  6. flour a board and rolling pin generiously and roll out 1/2 the mixture to about 6mm
  7. cut out cookies and place on greased cookie trays allowing plenty of space around each cookie
  8. add more dough to cuttings and roll out again
  9. bake cookies 15-20 minutes depending on size until just starting to change colour at edges, or just before
  10. cool on racks


cookies will harden as they cool
the last bit of dough is really hard to work - discard


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