Blood Alcohol Content Estimator

10g ethanol each

Your estimated Blood Alcohol Content is


The formula for this estimate of Blood Alcohol Content is:

EBAC≈ (0.806 × drinks × 1.2)
÷ (mass × water)
− (metabolism × period)
0.806 is the constant for body water in blood
1.2 is a scaling factor defined by the Swedish National Institute of Public Health
drinks is the number of standard drinks (10g ethanol) consumed
mass is the body mass of the drinker in kilograms
water is a body water constant (0.49 for women and 0.58 for men)
metabolism is the rate at which the body metabolises alcohol (0.017 for women and 0.015 for men)
period is the drinking period in hours

The formula is derived from the 2009 paper Alcohol use among university students in Sweden measured by an electronic screening instrument.