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Item Notes Used in Produced by
Aldebaran +30 Atk
Mudslinger (×1)
Ame-no-Murakumo +78 Atk, Wind element
Arcturus +44 Atk
Artemis Bow +87 Atk
Blood Sword +41 Atk, Sap
Caldera +75 Atk
Capella +10 Atk
Castellanos +6 Atk
Cloud Staff +48 Atk, increase Water spells efficiency
Crossbow +46 Atk
Cypress Pole +33 Atk, Earth element
Deathbringer +90 Atk, KO
Diamond Sword +80 Atk
Durandal +99 Atk
Flametongue +53 Atk, Fire element
Francisca +89 Atk
War Axe (×1)
Fumarole +58 Atk
Golden Axe +110 Atk
Gungnir +84 Atk, Fire element
Hunting Crossbow +64 Atk
Iron Pole +51 Atk, Slow
Iron Sword +24 Atk
Ivory Pole +75 Atk
Javelin +30 Atk
Kagenui +62 Atk, Dark element, Slow
Longbow +39 Atk
Loxley Bow +51 Atk
Masamune +93 Atk
Orochi +72 Atk, Dark element, Disable
Penetrator Crossbow +70 Atk
Perseus Bow +81 Atk
Recurve Crossbow +58 Atk
Sagittarius +93 Atk
Silver Bow (×1)
Save the Queen +100 Atk
Scorpion Tail +119 Atk
Shortbow +17 Atk
Spica +34 Atk
Stoneblade +95 Atk
Tournesol +140 Atk
Trident +72 Atk, Ice element
Tumulus +66 Atk
Ultima Blade +118 Atk
Vega +14 Atk
Whale Whisker +108 Atk
Wyrmhero Blade +130 Atk, Holy element
Zwill Crossblade +73 Atk, Wind element
Adamant Hat +29 M.Def, +310 HP, Half Fire, Ice Weak
Adamant Vest +29 Def, +320 HP, Half Fire, Ice Weak
Black Cowl +33 M.Def, +5 Mag, +4 Spd
Ninja Garb (×1)
Black Garb +27 Def, +6 Mag, +3 Spd
Ninja Garb (×1)
Black Mask +53 M.Def, +8 Mag, Absorb Dark
Black Robes +38 Def, +10 Mag
Brigandine +18 Def, +160 HP
Burgonet +17 M.Def, +4 Mag
Chakra Band +34 M.Def, +2 Str, +390 HP
Chromed Leathers +5 Def, +50 HP
Crown of Laurels +42 M.Def, +680 HP
Demon Shield +40 Eva, Absorb Dark
Enchanter's Habit +21 Def, +7 Mag, +10 Vit
Escutcheon +6 Eva
Feathered Cap +18 M.Def, +4 Mag
Gigas Chestplate +38 Def, +2 Mag, +540 HP
Gigas Gear (×1)
Gigas Hat +38 M.Def, +2 Mag, +530 HP
Gigas Gear (×1)
Golden Armor +20 Def, +4 Str
Golden Helm +15 M.Def, +5 Str
Golden Shield +16 Eva
Headband +20 M.Def, +2 Str, +170 HP
Ice Shield +16 Eva, Half Ice
Jujitsu Gi +20 Def, +2 Str, +180 HP
Lamia's Tiara +25 M.Def, +4 Mag, +7 Vit
Leather Breastplate +6 Def, +30 HP
Leather Headgear +8 M.Def, +40 HP
Magepower Shishak +39 M.Def, +11 Str, +5Mag
Maximillian +58 Def, +1 M.Def, +9 Str, +6 Spd
Platinum Armor +47 Def, +7 Str
Platinum Helm +31 M.Def, +8 Str
Platinum Shield +20 Eva
Power Vest +34 Def, +2 Str, +400 HP
Red Cap +18 M.Def, +3 Vit, +150 HP
Rubber Suit +42 Def, +700 HP, Void Lightning
Shielded Armor +24 Def, +5 Str, Protect
Traveler's Vestments +16 Def, +5 Mag
Venetian Shield +24 Eva, +25 M.Eva, Lightning Weak
White Mask +56 M.Def, +8 Mag, Absorb Holy
White Robes +38 Def, +10 Mag
Aqua Shot +3 Atk, Water element
Artemis Arrows +5 Atk, Earth element
Bamboo Arrows +2 Atk, Poison
Black Bolts +2 Atk, Blind
Chaos Bombs +4 Atk, Confuse
Fiery Arrows +1 Atk, Fire element
Grand Bolts +4 Atk
Icecloud Arrows +4 Atk, Ice element
Long Bolts +1 Atk, Slow
Mud Shot +2 Atk, Blind, Earth element
Mudslinger (×1)
Oil Bombs +3 Atk, Oil
Parallel Arrows +2 Atk
Poison Bombs +2 Atk, Poison
Silent Shot +1 Atk, Silence
Stone Bolts +1 Atk, Disable
Stone Shot +3 Atk, Petrify
Stone Shot (×1)
Time Bolts +2 Atk
Water Bombs +5 Atk, Water element
Windslicer Shot +4 Atk, Wind element
Amber Armlet Increase power when fighting bare-handed
Battle Harness +2 Str, chance to counter when hit
Blazer Gloves Increase power when HP full
Bubble Belt Auto Bubble
Cat-ear Hood +20 Vit, +50 Spd
Firefly 0 Exp.
Gillie Boots Immune to Oil
Golden Armlet Double LP
Hermes Sandals Auto Haste
Nihopalaoa Reverse effect of HP/status healing items
Opal Ring Ignore target's Reflect status
Pheasant Netsuke Improve potion efficiency
Wing Cord (×1)
Quasimodo Boots Immune to Sap
Turtleshell Choker Spells consume gil instead of MP
Winged Boots Auto Float
Alarm Clock
Survival Set (×12)
Bacchus' Wine
Canopic Jar
Morbid Urn (×1)
Chronos Tear
Dark Matter
Echo Herbs
Survival Set (×12)
Empyreal Soul
Eye Drops
Survival Set (×12)
Gold Needle
Potion Crate (×20)
Triage Kit (×3)
Holy Mote
Phoenix Down
Triage Kit (×12)
Potion Crate (×30)
Red Fang
Scathe Mote
Smelling Salts
Water Mote
Potion Crate (×10)
Aged Turtle Shell
Ancient Bone
Ancient Turtle Shell
Antarctic Wind
Aquarius Gem
Wind Walkers (×15)
Arctic Wind
Aries Gem
Bat Fang*
Bat Wing
Battlewyrm Carapace
Beastlord Hide
Beastlord Horn
Silver Bow (×3)
Behemoth Steak
Bent Staff
Blood Wool*
Blood-darkened Bone
Blood-stained Necklace
Bomb Ashes
Bomb Fragment
Bomb Shell*
Bone Fragment
Book of Orgain*
Book of Orgain-Cent*
Book of Orgain-Mille
Braid Wool
Broken Greataxe
Broken Spear
Broken Sword
Bundle of Feathers*
Bundle of Needles
Cactus Fruit
Cancer Gem
Capricorn Gem
Charged Gizzard
Charger Barding*
Chimera Head*
Chocobo Feather
Coeurl Pelt*
Coeurl Whisker
Corpse Fly
Crooked Fang*
Damascus Steel
Dark Crystal*
Gigas Gear (×7)
Dark Magicite*
Dark Stone*
Death Powder
Deimos Clay
Morbid Urn (×1)
Demon Drink
Demon Eyeball*
Demon Feather*
Demon Tail
Demon's Sigh
Destrier Barding
Destrier Mane
Diakon Halcyon
Dorsal Fin
Drab Wool
Earth Crystal
Mudslinger (×3)
Earth Stone*
Emperor Scale
Eye of the Hawk
Festering Flesh*
Fine Wool*
Ninja Garb (×4)
Fire Crystal*
Fire Magicite*
Ninja Garb (×5)
Fire Stone*
Fish Scale
Forbidden Flesh
Foul Flesh*
Foul Liquid
Four-leaf Clover
Frog Oil
Gemini Gem
Giant Feather*
Triage Kit (×3)
Gimble Stalk
Glass Jewel*
Gnoma Halcyon
Godslayer's Badge
Great Serpent's Fang
Green Liquid*
Grimoire Aidhed
Grimoire Togail
Gysahl Greens
Wind Walkers (×33)
Hell-Gate's Flame
High Arcana*
Holy Crystal*
Horakhty's Flame
Morbid Urn (×1)
Ice Crystal
Ice Magicite*
Ice Stone
Ichthon Scale
Mudslinger (×4)
Insect Husk
Iron Carapace
Iron Ore
Iron Scraps
Ketu Board
Large Feather
Leamonde Halcyon
Leo Gem
Leshach Halcyon
Libra Gem
Stone Shot (×3)
Lu Shang's Badge
Maggoty Flesh*
Magick Lamp
Malboro Flower*
Malboro Fruit*
War Axe (×4)
Malboro Vine*
Mardu Halcyon
Mirror Scale
Stone Shot (×2)
Moon Ring
Silver Bow (×3)
Omega Badge
Phobos Glaze
Morbid Urn (×1)
Pisces Gem
Pointed Horn*
War Axe (×2)
Prime Pelt*
Gigas Gear (×8)
Prime Tanned Hide*
Gigas Gear (×7)
Putrid Liquid
Quality Hide*
Quality Lumber
Quality Pelt
Quality Stone*
Rainbow Egg
Rat Pelt
Rat Tail
Ring Wyrm Liver*
Ring Wyrm Scale
Sagittarius Gem
Silver Bow (×4)
Salamand Halcyon
Scorpio Gem
Serpent Eye
Silver Liquid*
Mudslinger (×3)
Sky Jewel*
Slaven Harness
Slime Oil
Small Feather
Snake Skin
Solid Horn
Solid Stone
Soul Powder
Soul of Thamasa
Spiral Incisor*
Split Armor
Wing Cord (×2)
Storm Crystal
Storm Magicite*
Sturdy Bone
Succulent Fruit*
Sylphi Halcyon
Tanned Giantskin*
Tanned Hide*
Tanned Tyrant Hide*
Ninja Garb (×2)
Tattered Garment
Taurus Gem
Throat Wolf Blood
Tomato Stalk
Tyrant Bone
Stone Shot (×2)
Tyrant Hide*
Undin Halcyon
Unpurified Ether*
Vampyr Fang
Virgo Gem
Wargod's Band
Water Crystal*
Water Magicite
Water Stone*
White Incense
Wind Crystal*
Wind Magicite*
War Axe (×6)
Wind Stone
Windslicer Pinion*
Wolf Pelt*
Wrath of the Gods
Wyrm Bone
Wyrm Carapace
Wyvern Fang
Wyvern Wing
Yellow Liquid*
Yensa Fin
Yensa Scale
Zombie Powder