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Item Notes Used in Produced by
Wind Walkers (×15)
Bat Fang*
Blood Wool*
Bomb Shell*
Book of Orgain*
Book of Orgain-Cent*
Bundle of Feathers*
Charger Barding*
Chimera Head*
Coeurl Pelt*
Crooked Fang*
Dark Crystal*
Gigas Gear (×7)
Dark Magicite*
Dark Stone*
Demon Eyeball*
Demon Feather*
Earth Stone*
Festering Flesh*
Fine Wool*
Ninja Garb (×4)
Fire Crystal*
Fire Magicite*
Ninja Garb (×5)
Fire Stone*
Foul Flesh*
Giant Feather*
Triage Kit (×3)
Glass Jewel*
Green Liquid*
High Arcana*
Holy Crystal*
Ice Magicite*
Maggoty Flesh*
Malboro Flower*
Malboro Fruit*
War Axe (×4)
Malboro Vine*
Pointed Horn*
War Axe (×2)
Prime Pelt*
Gigas Gear (×8)
Prime Tanned Hide*
Gigas Gear (×7)
Quality Hide*
Quality Stone*
Ring Wyrm Liver*
Silver Liquid*
Mudslinger (×3)
Sky Jewel*
Spiral Incisor*
Storm Magicite*
Succulent Fruit*
Tanned Giantskin*
Tanned Hide*
Tanned Tyrant Hide*
Ninja Garb (×2)
Tyrant Hide*
Unpurified Ether*
Water Crystal*
Water Stone*
Wind Crystal*
Wind Magicite*
War Axe (×6)
Windslicer Pinion*
Wolf Pelt*
Yellow Liquid*